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Our prices range from $1400, and can go up to around $5000 depending on the full range of music you want the band to play, the size of the band you want, the location of the event and the accessories you want along with all that. For example, if you want, we can keep the repertoire to the traditional Klezmer and Israeli, or we can add one of our specialties, classic Rock & Roll to the mix. We’re actually known for our Rock and are very good at it.

In a nutshell, you can hire the complete Kol Haruach Band for about $5000, including the complete lighting package and the addition of the electric guitar and electric bass for the Rock & Roll. This way, as you hire this band, you do NOT need to hire a separate band to play the Rock & Roll reception. But, if you don’t want the lights, you don’t want the rock, or the full package does not meet your budget, hiring the full band without the lighting package is much less.
So, you have options! And, if you are really on a budget (and many people are) and still want a great band but need to be careful with price, the Kol Haruach Trio or Quartet are an option as well, priced anywhere from an economical $1400 - $2000.
So the bottom line is, we can work with you and your budget, we just need to know what that is in order to cater a package right for you, one that both gives you all the music and the Ruach you want while working with what’s financially practical.


If you would like to book the Full Band, DJ or one of smaller Duos, Trios or Quartets for your upcoming event contact us at