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Our Latest Release!

Our Live -- In Concert Album!

"Kol Haruach - Live In Concert

Klezmer and Jazz - Together at Last"

The band's first album (below), "In The Beginning," provides an excellent example of their in concert style, while their second album (top), "Live In Concert -- Klezmer & Jazz -- Together At last," expresses more of their party attitude. It's a lot of fun. It is rare, in that there are very few Klezmer albums recorded live. It is Kol Haruach at their best -- live in concert!
Release date -- May 22, 2006.

The following are sound clips from this CD. We hope you enjoy it.

In order to conserve bandwidth and lessen the buffer time needed to enjoy them, the following sound clips are being presented at 25% of the sound quality as they are on our CDs. If you wish to hear higher quality clips please contact us


Kol Haruach live in concert, Annapolis MD, November 6, 2005. A live recording including both Klezmer (played with our unique Jazzy flare) and True Swing (dance Jazz).
Kol Haruach is a Klezmer band, but we play a lot of different music. This concert recording included more than just Klezmer music. Many listeners are delighted at its eclectic content. The repertoire went back and fourth from Klezmer to Jazz, and finally concluded with Jazz. As you will hear, we love to mix it up. It is our trademark, and it is one aspect of our sound that distinguishes us from other bands

During this concert, we started out with our Klezmer standards and originals, and then got playful and decided to bring on the Jazz. Eventually, toward the end of the night, we came back to the Klezmer, but ended with two wonderful Jazz numbers, “Night And Day” and “Brazil”.
About half way through the concert, we decided to go improv. The band had not played either “Georgia” or “Night And Day” in a long time, but I decided to give the audience an idea of what the band was really like impromptu. So I explained the plan to the audience and we threw in those tunes. The drum solo leading into “It Don’t Mean A Thing” was also spur of the moment. I love the spontaneity, and I think the audience got a kick out of it, too. Ironically, I think Georgia is one of the best tunes on the album.

This recording demonstrates the band's energy, but it also allows the listener to enjoy the flexibility and diversity we are known for in our repertoire. I hope you enjoy it.
Brian Choper, Band Manager
(This album was recorded live by an exceptional recording artist, Ronnie Queen of Baltimore, MD.)

Our first CD

In the Beginning - Bereshit

In The Beginning

Released in 2004

The Kol Haruach Klezmer Band released its first CD, entitled appropriately, “In the Beginning....Bereshit”, on May 9, 2004. This work is a compilation of standards and brand new works written and arranged by the band.
This album is a highly renowned recording of a concert that was arranged to be played live, and has been performed on stage by the band on many occasions. For this recording, we took this popular show into the studio. The Jazz or "improvisational jam" style heard throughout all tracks brings the band back to its roots, where both Klezmer and Jazz are played spontaneously and by ear. This band is known for our Jazz, and has purposefully and thoroughly mixed it into our repertoire.

This release is a sample of our concert performance style. It begins and ends with festive tunes often requested at your typical mitzvot. However, you will hear the band get down and dirty, and very technically involved. All instruments shine in their moment, and you'll never be able to predict who's going to take the next solo. This is a happening album that will keep you listening.
We have made some sample sound clips available for you below. CAUTION: Clicking on these samples may cause uncontrollable toe-tapping, and in severe cases, dancing on the furniture!


What music professionals have
to say about our CD:

Iris Gillon

Iris Gillon Music'n Celebrations

" Hi Brian, Thanks so much for sending me your CD. Your performance is stupendous! I get many recordings in the mail from many musicians and for the type of music that you play, however, yours is the best I have ever heard! I have put it on several times since you sent it to me, just to listen and in the fast passages say "wow," and in the sentimental passages, to simply be carried away. I have a great deal of respect for you, your group and your musicianship.

I was beginning to get discouraged from some of the recordings that I was receiving. So little life from some of the others, but you, yours is brilliant, full of energy, enthusiasm, life, verve; virtuoso performances from all within your group.

Thanks again and good luck to you."