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What People Are Saying About Kolharuach

Nadine Block and Patrick Vennebush

"Kol Haruach was a huge hit at our wedding. We appreciated the variety -- jazz, swing, klezmer -- and your sound was incredible. We were also amazed by your infectious enthusiasm. We were thrilled that you were able to get so many guests to their feet and dancing! Thanks for making our wedding so much fun. Again, thanks for your wonderful music and your infectious enthusiasm -- it really contributed to everyone having fun."

Jay Kapner, Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC

"Hi Brian,

I want to thank you and the Kol Haruach Orchestra for providing us and our guests with a very special and memorable performance at Tamar and Frank's wedding last week. Each and every one of you contribute both virtuosity and ruach. The group is aptly named. Everyone at the wedding, family and guests, bride and groom, young and old, musicians and fans, loved listening and dancing to your music. As a big fan of klezmer, I look forward to following your career as you move on to great prominence in the klezmer world. Thanks for everything. Happy healthy and prosperous New Year to all.

Best regards,
Jay Kapner, Wilmington, NC"

Steve Gordon & Haley Crittenden Gordon

Alexandria, VA

"We had a blast at our wedding! Thank you and Kol Haruach for making our wedding fun and lively! Our guests had a great time dancing...people told us that they thought the band was great. Please use us as a reference. Your band is very professional, lively and has a lot of energy. Your band will always have a special place in my heart..."

Cara Lanza

National Press Club, Washington, DC

"Your band was excellent! You played a variety of music, all extremely well. Not your ordinary band. I will be referring you."

Anna Elashvili

Brooklyn, NY

"Kol Haruach was a pleasure to work with and sounded great at my wedding. For any musicians getting married that want to do something special, the band did a great job playing along with my husband and me as well as my niece who sang with them...impromptu! We gave them the music and just went for it and it was a highlight of the evening! Thanks guys!!"

Larry Black

Woodbine, MD

"Outstanding! The best Klezmer music we've heard. You made the party."

Beth Elson

"Dear Brian,

You guys were great! The hora sets were especially memorable, and our friends had a terrific time. Even more gratifying was a letter I got from my grandmother, in which she wrote:
"Where did you ever find that band? It had everything-- something for everyone. No one could just sit in their chair all afternoon-- there was a 'spirit', a 'joie de vie' that was unmatched in all my experience...."
...and that's 85 years worth of experience! Beth (the bride) similarly felt that the wedding fulfilled her dream of everyone dancing the whole time. Any band that pleases a crowd from ages 3 to 85 is something really special.

Thanks so much,
Beth Elson

Mira Leiberman

Pittsburgh, PA

"You guys are amazing. I expected a hora set. I didn't expect the crowd to be dancing for fifty-five minutes! What a pleasant surprise. And you knew how to mix it up between the Jewish and the Jazz and the Rock. The Jazz was fantastic, really kicking-and you were not too loud. My parents were so worried, but by the end of the evening, they were just having fun dancing with the music-everyone was having fun. You made the party!"

Angie Carmel

Beltsville, MD

"...just wanted you to know that Leah and I really enjoyed the concert... Mishkan Torah people are still talking about how wonderful it was. Thanks again for what you did."

Sharon Siedel

Baltimore MD

"They didn't have to use ear plugs as they often do. They love to dance to all kinds of music. The kids-(the friends of the bride and groom) heard everything they had requested and got all the Jewish music I was looking forward to!

You are all such talented musicians. I plan on using you again.
P.S. I wanted to let you know how we and all our guests totally loved the music. It was everything you promised and more. The proof is that everyone was dancing nonstop-even those that we feared might not!

We were aiming for an atmosphere of elegance and Freilach, and you helped us achieve both. My parents and our other Sr. guests- were so thrilled!"