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About Kol Haruach

The way the Band initially started is an essential part of why they play the way they do. Each member of the band is an accomplished, seasoned and successful musician in his/her own right. It all began in 2001 when they came together to jam at the Lansing Michigan Jazz Festival. They liked the music, the sound and the groove so much they decided to form a band. Brian Choper, manager of several other music groups and this band's drummer, became manager of what was then to be called the Kol Haruach Orchestra, and soon thereafter changed to the Kol Haruach Klezmer Band; Kol Haruach translates to "Voice of the Spirit".


Over the next year, the band played various concerts and private affairs, while working behind the scenes to fine-tune their distinctive sound. The talent of the band was clear; the question was how to take advantage of it. While they worked with Israeli, Klezmer, contemporary Jazz, Swing and Latin, they wanted to experiment with the standards and compose their own music so to provide specific moments for each member to share their individual talents in the spotlight. As they experimented, they discovered the elements that became the basis for their unique sound as well as their chemistry as a band.

Kol Haruach's performance style has become its trademark; obviously, almost everybody hiring them wants the Hora (party) style, typically played at every wedding, Bar Mitzvah or other Simcha. After the Hora set, the band typically mixes it up with classic Rock and Pop to add that modern dimension to the party! People ravethat the band rocks the party through both their diverse musical repertoire and their ability to interact with the party guests!

Nadine Block and Patrick Vennebush

"Kol Haruach was a huge hit at our wedding. We appreciated the variety -- jazz, swing, klezmer -- and your sound was incredible..."

Mira Leiberman

Pittsburgh, PA

"You guys are amazing. I expected a hora set. I didn't expect the crowd to be dancing for fifty-five minutes! What a pleasant surprise..."

Cara Lanza

National Press Club, Washington, DC

"Your band was excellent! You played a variety of music, all extremely well. Not your ordinary band. I will be referring you."

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